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Size: M(46)
Color: Off White (13)
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Men' s product details golfware

brand name
Roura Felice Bianello

Product Names
Poloshirts, short-sleeved, polo-shirts, stretch, place, border, border, detail detail, adult sporty.

Notation Size
[M (46)] [L (48)]

Manufacturer Detail Size
No Entry

Real size
[M (46)] 51cm shoulder width: 41cm, 61.5 cm tall, 161.5 cm
[L (48)] Mini 54cm (43cm) with a width of 43 cm, 63.5cm

cotton 71 % polyester 29 % Rib: 100 % cotton


Off White (13)

★The soft pile material is a pleasant short-sleeved polo shirt.
★It's a sporty finish with a bowder's breast pocket, or a rib line.
★Being excitable in stretching, it is a centrifugal extraction group.
★Please enjoy the good quality of Japan-made and Japanese-made, high-quality sewing techniques, and the good quality of kimono through the design of high art patterns.
★The Izmir Cotton (Izmil Cotton) and the Izmir region of the Turkish Republic have been cultivated for long since ancient times due to the dry weather and warm weather characteristic of the Aegean Sea.
Cotton is a very good source of raw cotton, compared with typical cotton or Xinjiang cotton, because the length of the fibers is elongated longer and the poles of the raw cotton are high.
In addition, the harvesting of the original cotton harvest can be made without damaging the delicacy, and it is possible to produce good texture, and produce good texture.
★[Large size]

★Please note that the size of the size is a little bit more error.
★Please contact us if we may be able to introduce products that do not currently have any current issues.
* Depending on the monitor differences, the actual products may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the light of the light during the shooting.
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