Pants Shinakoba Utilita Sinacova Utilita 2021 Fall / Winter New Work

size: 84(84)
Color: White (100)
Sale price¥ 36,300 JPY


Men's Product Detail Golf Wear

brand name
Shinakoba Utilita SinaCova Utilita

Product name
Pants Long Pants Nauto Pants Stretch Back Fine-Generated Captain Logo Embroidery Golf Wear

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
33,000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
84(84) 88(88) 92(92) 96(96)

Actual size
84 (84) Waist around 84cm Hip 102 cm In the crotch 78 cm Behind the front 26 cm wide 32 cm
88 (88) Waist around 88cm Hip 106 cm In the crotch 78 cm front 26 cm Width 32.5 cm
92 (92) Waist around 92cm Hip 110 cm In the crotch 79 cm French 27 cm Width 33 cm
96 (96) Waist around 96cm Hip 115 cm In the crotch 80 cm front of 27 cm Width 34 cm
Please note that slight errors are available for size.

Body nylon 61% polyester 29% polyurethane 10%
Another cloth polyester 100%

Stretch Elastic Warranting Cold Warm Material Heat Performer Material Heat Performer

White (100) Black (190)

Pants Long Pants Na-Tuck Pants Stretch Back Fine-Heading Captain Logo Embroidery
HEAT Perforna
Heat performer
Back-up hair heating, all-direction stretching pleasure
"Heat Performer" is a material that achieves high-tension knit depth hair.
The back of the fabric is a feeling of brushing of warm texture, and its brushed portion secures the air layer and exerts the heat retention effect. Also, it is a comfortable comfortable wearing to expand and contract in all directions.
Material provider: Unitikatrading Co., Ltd.
Utilita means a new line that means utilities (useful)
We propose functional wear compatible with active movement including golf
West 96 cm Provided

Please contact us if there is a current storage product, so please contact us.
※ Due to the difference in monitor, the actual product may be different from the actual product by the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting.
※ Design and color scheme, etc. may be partially changed with the actual product.



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