Sinocoba Portofino 2021 autumn / winter

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size: L(L)
Color: Gray system (980)
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Brand name
Sinkova Porte finino sinacova Portofino

Commodity name
Long pants one-piece pants pants waist stretch stretch collar design

Manufacturer desired retail price
29000 yen (tax)

Notation size
L (L) ll (LL)

Actual size
L (L) waist around 84-88 cm hip circumference 108 cm saddle 78 cm in front of hip
Ll (LL) waist around 90-94 cm hip circumference 112cm hip saddle 78 cm in front of hip
Please note that there are some errors in size.

Body polyester 60% cotton 40%
100% cotton fabric

Stretch stretch waist back stretch waist rear rubber Tote

Gree series (980)

Long pants one pants pants waist part a rubber wool material color design design Glen check handle Golf
Rothex full Flandre
New spinning materials from Japan's exceptional technology
It is made of soft material, it has soft texture, soft textures, and it is a wool material that has a delicate moist appearance, and is easy to care for wool.
Please enjoy a comfortable finish with beautiful sewing techniques, beautiful colors, and comfortable perforation.
In Japan
Town wear casual wear
Made in Japan

Because there is a case that it is possible even if it is possible for the commodity without the present warehouse now, it is possible to inquire.
* there may be differences in the actual product and the color of the product depending on the difference between the monitor and the light beam.
* the sample picture taken from the manufacturer may change the design and the color of the product to the actual product.



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