Bullzon Shinakoba Saldinia Sinacova Sardegna 2021 Fall / Winter New Work

size: L (L)
Color: Greige (140)
Sale price¥ 58,300 JPY


Men's Product Details

brand name
Shinakoba Saldinia sinacova sardegna

Product name
Bullzon Marine Jacket Zip-Up Upper Boa-style Material Wool Mixed Pile Wind Stretch Logo Pen Piping Design Marine Taste

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
53,000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
L (L) LL (LL)

Actual size
L (L) Width 61 cm Shoulder width 43 cm backwear length 68 cm
LL (LL) Width 64 cm Shoulder width 45 cm backwear length 72 cm
Please note that slight errors are available for size.

Hair 40% Acrylic 30% Polyester 30%

Full zip up

Blue (270)

Blouson Marine Jacket Sky Bore Wind Material Wool Mixed Pile-style Stretch Logo Outpen Piping Design Marine Taste
Even on the back of the golf
Please enjoy the goodness of the color development by the Japanese manufacture and the good dust by the high sewing technology, and the goodness of the comfort by designing a high-skilled pattern.
Town Wear Casual Wear Daily Town Youth Never Daily Wear Normal
Chestnobe 128 cm Provided

Please contact us if there is a current storage product, so please contact us.
※ Due to the difference in monitor, the actual product may be different from the actual product by the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting.
※ Design and color scheme, etc. may be partially changed with the actual product, such as the sample shooting image provided by the manufacturer.



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