Golf in the fall and winter latest caddie bag V12 ゴルフヴィ twelve 2020

Size: 9.5 (9-5)
Color: Olive duck (O-S-CAMO)
Sale price¥ 62,700 JPY


I send it out by an order until 13:00 on that day (long-term suspension of business is excluded order / Sunday except some products)

Men's lady's product details golf

Brand name
V12 ゴルフヴィ twelve

Brand name
Caddie bag 9.5 type caddie bag OLIVE SAX CAMO 9.5 camouflage pattern camouflage pattern metal logo plate golf bag golf that I can change

Maker hope retail price
57,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Notation size

Full scale size
Five division into four of 3 9.5 (9-5) full length (food existence) 130cm length diameter 25cm side diameter 20cm separate 3.8 kg in weight pockets

100% of dress material polyester
100% of lining polyester

Possible porch disassembly with the D perception (nothing)

Olive duck (O-S-CAMO)

The design of the impression that bright sax blue appears in a camouflage pattern. It was the release with 8.5 inches, but releases it at 9.5 inches this time before. Other people and the coloring that, besides, there is not to get the difference are charm.
9.5 inches.
Because I can remove it, one is available as a porch in one piece of article among the pockets which a cover has.
I change the caddie bag for changing clothes for the same sense♪
《 EVEN 》 It is introduced to, in addition, many golf magazines including 《 Regina 》《 LEON 》, and a topic is becoming heated! !!
Rare! There are few sale stores, too and produces amount for a limited number!
To the golfer who is sensitive to fashion!
I want to enjoy the caddie bag as well as a fashion fashionably!
I change it, and "that I seem to hear the の voice that "I waited" for of such a golfer is the expression caddie bag "T-on landing!
To the times to color the caddie bag like choosing a hat and a polo shirt by changing it, and using the caddie bag system (patent pending) of the expression that I developed it originally called Wraptec( lap technical center).
I can change a cover by a feeling if I have one main body of caddie bag to enjoy the coordinates in the fairway.
Not to mention a play as for the visual gorgeously!
It is the gem which I want to recommend to golfers having high such fashion sensitivity.
■What is Wraptec (lap technical center)?
It is a system of the original development that can change the main body of caddie bag into a favorite design [V12].
Changing it is a snap button, and putting on and taking off is easily possible.
It is the fashion item which can enjoy a caddie bag to a feeling to choose a hat and the polo shirt.

I heard the purchase in the cover one piece of article.
A main body set is this 2021cv06m02
The caddie bag 9.5 type caddie bag OLIVE SAX CAMO 9.5 camouflage pattern camouflage pattern metal logo plate golf bag which I can change

Existing; because there is it when order is possible, please inquire for the product out of stock.
※By the difference of the monitor, the condition of rays at the time of the photography, there is the case that color taste is slightly different from a real product in.
Because you decline lapping, approve the large product of a caddie bag and the Boston bag.



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