V12 ゴルフヴィ twelve / caddie bag

Size: 8.5 (8-5)
Color: Multi cam
Sale price¥ 62,700 JPY


Men's ladys

Brand name
Golf Villas twelve

Commodity name
Caddie bag 8.5 caddy bag Camo multi Camo pop Camo logo logo plate.

Notation size

Actual size
8.5 (8-5) total length (hood) 124cm vertical diameter 21cm square diameter 18cm 5 divided 3 separate weight 3.4kg pocket

Front: Polyester 100% lining: 100% polyester

D canted pocket removable

Multi cam

15 "Camo (multi duck) original original Camellia handle with colorful coloring.
The caddy bag of the pop presence preeminent is not so easy.
The score of golf is also upset in the pop mood.
Size 8.5.
One of the pockets on the cover can be removed, and can be used as a single piece of pouch.
It is introduced into many magazines such as "en" (Regina) "Leon", and the topic is boiling!
Rare! Limited number of stores, production limited!
Stylish and sensitive golfer! I want to enjoy caddie bag fashionable like fashion!
It is "dress up caddy bag" t-on landing that seems to be able to hear the voice of "waiting" of such golfer.
To the age when the caddy bag is used as well as choosing a hat and a polo shirt by using the newly developed dress up caddy bag system (wraptech), which is called wraptec.
If you have one of the caddy bag body to enjoy coordination in fairway, you can change the cover depending on the mood.
This item is set of the body of the caddie bag + cover.
The purchase of the cover single item is also received.
Cover case for 8.5 type1820-c02l82
The main frame of the body is filled with fur to protect the club.
As for the play, of course, visual is gorgeous! I want to recommend everyone to such a highly sensitive golfer.
What is wraptec?
It is a system [V12] original development system that can change the caddy bag body to the favorite design.
It is easy to attach and replace with snap button.
It is a fashion item that can enjoy the caddy bag to match the mood like choosing a hat or polo shirt.
* the caddy bag body and the name plate may change some specifications.

Please note that there are some errors in size.
Because there is a case that it is possible even if it is possible for the commodity without the present warehouse now, it is possible to inquire.
* there may be differences in the actual product and the color of the product depending on the difference between the monitor and the light beam.
Golf bag bag

Please note that the large item of the caddy bag and Boston bag will refuse the wrapping.

Cover case for 8.5 type1820-c02l82
1820-cv 02L set


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