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Size: LL(50)
Color: Yellow-green (52)
Sale price¥ 10,450 JPY Regular price¥ 20,900 JPY


Men's goods details, golf wear.

brand name
Laura Felice (Laura Fium)

commodity name
Polo shirts, short sleeves, aqua pile materials, stretches, soft sleeves, golf wear.

manufacturer hoped retail price
19000 yen (by tax)

notation size
L(48) LL(50)

life size
L(48) ID 53cm wide, shoulder width 44cm, back jacket height 67.5cm
LL (50) ID 58cm wide, shoulder width 47cm, back jacket height 69cm
Please check the details of the size measurement site on the illustration page here.

Polyester 60%, cotton 40%
Partly cotton, 55% polyester, 45%


Blue (22) Yellow Green (52)

Polo shirts, short sleeves, short sleeves, polo shirts, aqua pile materials, pile polo shirts, stretches, soft sleeves
Please enjoy the good color of Japanese, the beautiful finish of high sewing technology, and the good quality of mindset by high-tech pattern design.
Watch sports, golf, travel clothes, savage, easy to move.

Please understand the errors that are slightly related to size.
If you are a product that does not have a stock, you may be able to get it, so ask me.
There are cases where the monitor is different and the light rays are different from the actual product.



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