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Size: M(46)
Color: Light gray (14)
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Men's item details golf wear

Brand name
Laura Felice

Product name
Casual shirt short sleeve shirt open collar shirt stretch cut saw material polka dot pith golf wear with name

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
25,000 yen(tax excluded)

Notation size
M(46) L(48) LL(50)

Exact size
M( 46) width of the body 51cm width of the shoulders 42cm back length 65cm
L( 48) width of the body 54cm width of the shoulders 44cm back length 67.5 CM
LL( 50) width of the body 57cm width of the shoulders 46cm back length 71cm
Please confirm the exact size measurement part details in this illustration page.

Cotton 100%


Light grey (14))

A short-sleeved shirt featuring a soft and soft touch of 100% cotton.
Because there is a stretch, it is stress-free wearing comfort.
Hand-painted polka dots are fashionable.
Casual shirt short sleeve shirt open collar shirt short sleeve stretch cut saw material 100% cotton polka dots pattern multi polka dots printed pith with name
Please enjoy the good color Development unique to Japan, beautiful finish by high sewing technology, comfort by high technology pattern design.
Sports watching golf watching travel clothes fashionable easy to move
Two thousand twenty

Please understand the slight error about the size.
Please contact us for items that do not currently have a warehouse.
※By the condition of the light beam at the time of the difference of the monitor, shooting, there is a case that the color taste is slightly different from the actual product.



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