Cap New Erah Japanese Masadori NEW ERA New ERA 2021 Fall Winter New Work

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size: 712(712)
Color: White (12864512)
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Men's Ladies Product Details Golf

brand name
New Era New Era New Era Nippon Terms

Product name
Cap Flat Visor Cap 59fifty Onimon CAP Purgatory Atsushi Sun Senka Blade Collaboration Golf

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
5500 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
738(738) 712(712)

738 (738) Tsubaki Full-length 7 cm Manufacturer Care Head 58.7cm
712 (712) Tsubaki full length 7 cm maker compatible head 59.6 cm

Body / collar partial polyester 100% bore partial cotton 100%

White (12864512)

Collaboration series with anime and demonic blade.
A model designed for the use of flame breathing and udosiro Purgatory. Designed the character of a blade engraved blade and the character of the dead character. Layout the title logo in the rear.
Silhouette is 59fifty in a style representing New Era. Classic silhouette that is hard to break down by making its own core inside the front panel. It is a size deployment of about 1 cm steps with a specification without size adjustment.
Cap Flat Visor Cap 59fifty Onimon CAP Purgatory Ryu Sekiri Bakushi Kushi # Purgatory Demonstroke Blade Collaboration
All New Era New Ragolf, which handles with , is a Japanese regular product. Please purchase safely.

Please contact us if there is a current storage product, so please contact us.
※ Due to the difference in monitor, the actual product may be different from the actual product by the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting.
※ Design and color scheme, etc. may be partially changed with the actual product, such as the sample shooting image provided by the manufacturer.



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