[50% OFF sale] laura ferry Che (ラウラフィウム )/ long underwear)

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Size: M(46)
Color: White (12)
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Brand name
Laura ferry Che (ラウラフィウム)

Brand name
Underwear long underwear temperature adjustment material corduroy logo embroidery

Notation size
【M(46)】 【L(48)】 【LL(50)】

Size for maker
[M(46)] Waist 82cm
[L(48)] Waist 86cm
[LL(50)] Waist 90cm

Full scale size
[M(46)] Rise 36.5cm lasts after rise 24.5cm before waist circumference 82cm hips circumference 94cm inseam 86cm; 29.5cm in width
[L(48)] Rise 37.5cm lasts after rise 25.5cm before waist circumference 86cm hips circumference 98cm inseam 86cm; 30.5cm in width
[LL(50)] Rise 38.5cm lasts after rise 26.5cm before waist circumference 90cm hips circumference 102cm inseam 86cm; 31.5cm in width
★In the case of underwear, I transcribe it into [the waist circumference] of the full scale size. As for the full scale size, an exact size measures a top rotation of the underwear.
※There is not it at your waist size.

2% of 56% of 30% of 12% of cotton rayon polyester polyurethane

The material that temperature adjustment material is cool in the stretch out last

White (12) coral pink (43) yellow (63)

★It is the corduroy underwear which stretch worked for moderately.
★Because use the material with the temperature control function, absorb extra heat, and is comfortable; wear it, and is a feeling.
★Gorgeous pastel color is an item of the season taking in advance.
★The polite finish which made full use of the high needlework only by the product made in ... Japan made in Japan, beautiful color development are comfortable; wear it, and, please enjoy a feeling.
★The out last (temperature adjustment material born for Outlast) ... NASA.)
■The temperature Zone that I maintain surface temperature of the skin, and is always comfortable is provided epoch-making temperature adjustment material not to become too much hot under the again high temperature environment not to become too much cold under the weather of the intense cold in a technique developed for American NASA in the technology out last in the out last either either.
■As for the secret of the function of the advanced technology out last to protect an ideal temperature obi, a patent technology of Corporation senses physical heat in the out last using micro-PCM (PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL), and absorption, heat storage does extra heat rapidly and works to lower the surface temperature of the skin.
On the contrary, I release the heat that I saved when I sense cold and raise surface temperature of the skin.

★Approve the some errors about the size.
★Existing; because there is it when order is possible, please inquire for the product out of stock.
※By the difference of the monitor, the condition of rays at the time of the photography, there is the case that color taste is slightly different from a real product in.
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