Zoy Zoy / Socks

size: F(1098)
Color: Grey (0004)
Sale price¥ 2,750 JPY


Ladies Product Detail Golf

brand name
Zoy Zoy

Product name
Socks Obney Sox Knee Hiisox Cool Max Bottom Pile Cushion with One Point Logo Golf

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
2500 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
F (1098)

F (1098) From the heel 53 cm maker compatible size 22-24 cm

Cotton 50% polyester 50%

Water absorption quick drying foot bottom pile cushion cool max

Gray (0004) Navy (0085)

It is a simple knee high socks of one point logo.
It has excellent coolmax functions for water absorption and quick-drying function.
It is comfortable to wear a stable feeling with a foot bottom pile cushion.
Cool Max (Cool Max) · · Water absorption quick drying
Please enjoy the goodness of the tailor unique to Japan and the goodness of comfort.
* As for socks, etc. are described in the product name specified as designated by the manufacturer, and we measure and describe the actual size in the flat state, but the material of the product, stretchy, wearer body type Thanks to you, thank you for purchasing that the length of the length changes slightly.
On the nature, the product was worn once (the product tagged state) does not accept returns and exchange, so please acknowledge it.
Watching Sports Golf Watching Travel Travel Fashionable Movement

Please note that slight errors are available for size.
Please contact us if you can order it on products without the current storage.
※ Due to the difference between the monitors and the light rays at the time of shooting, the actual product may be different from the actual product.
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